True or Not?

1.  Can we define what it means to be information literate?

The definition of being “information literate” is to be able to recognize information and be able to locate, evaluate, use, and clearly communicate it in different ways. I think this is such an important part of being a teacher, if not their main job. Being able to teach information clearly and make sure your students understand is everything.

2.  Can we teach our students to have the skills essential to information literacy?

I, absolutely, think we can teach our students the skills to information literacy. In the article True or Not, Abilock talks about one school that built an environment where questions like “How do you know that?” and ” What evidence supports that?,” gives students the opportunity to use the information they have efficiently.

3.  Can we truly prepare students to be effective users of the most powerful medium?

I think it’s important for teacher to provide students with the opportunities to become effective and correct uses of information, but I believe we can fully prepare students for anything. It’s up to a students want and drive to have correct information and it’s them that has to face the consequences of misuse. Teachers should do everything in their power to help students, but in the end it’s the students choice to be an effective user of “the most powerful medium.”